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the distinguishing factor between the animals and the humans? Kass states that a dinner party is only an well-orchestrated dinner that does not deal with the quantity of but the food but the quality. “Ordered and flavorful variety, not mere satisfaction of hunger is the point of the menu.” The taste of the food, unfortunately, is the major concern of the party. If the food were not tasteful, then the party would not be a success. So, the main question is, are human beings far away from animals as much as humans think? Not only do we gorge ourselves, but we do so just because we have parties, not because we are trying to survive. Therefore, is it true that we as human beings can actually “judge,” because if it was actually true, then would we as human beings eat when we

are not hungry? These are the problems that we as human beings face while being superior over animals, yet far from the divinity of God. Between Leon Kass and the Holy Bible and Torah, humans have been defined as superior beings yet not too far from animals as much as humans think they are. The human being is able to “recognize the distinctions that are manifest in the world” and seem to prove their greatness over animals. By reading The Hungry Soul, I have seen myself on a different note. Reading this book not only allows me to see how much of an “animal” I have been while eating and participating in dinner parties, but I have also seen how far from the divine we are. Plato and Descartes shows how human beings lack knowledge of self and what they need what methods are

available in order to find certainty, justice and piety. Kass, look at the human being from another view. He decides to distinguish the animal and the human by their eating habits and rituals done in order to show the hierarchy developed by God during the creation of the world.