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genre. The movie SCREAM (1997), a slasher movie full of pure unpredictability, deviated slightly from the rest of his films. They usually focused on a strong manifestation of evil. They are similar in that a methodical mad man such as Freddie Krueger (sexual deviant), Krug (cannibalistic), and Pluto (supernatural) tortured their victims in an unmerciful “game of death”. Their unholiness was often counter-balanced by a strong female heroine who when pushed to the brink of desperation finally struck back with an equally violent tenacity. Thrillers have become extremely popular amongst teenagers. Promotions, promotions, promotions! With commercials, posters, and book covers, radio stations giving chances to win tickets to premieres, and invention of the Internet; the movie

industry has taken advantage. Advertisements for movies “greet” you as you sign on. Camera technology of today is as good as it’s ever going to get. With the new freeze frame photography, morphing, DVD picture, computer graphics, and animatronics make quite the spectacle. Morphing has replaced the ‘fade into character’ technique, computer graphics have made the impossible that much more believable. Cloning, scenes involving dismemberment, the embodiment of evil spirits in forces of nature, or the exaggeration of demon possession. As the years before, make-up has been used to create monsters, deaths, and various other sights so shocking and so believable that you turn on the lights before you go the up the stairs. And besides a movie is just a movie, Right? For years and

years horror films have served as stimulation of the mind, you spend ninety minutes in the theater trying desperately to figure out what will happen next, just to prove yourself to the person sitting next to you. They serve a deeper purpose than that: “Horror has been painting images on the silver screen that seep out of the darkest corners of the human existence. Pain, pleasure, fear, and love can all be the same emotion because in real life, all feed off the human soul and lead to the ultimate conclusion?death” (Tudor 87)