The EverChanging American Culture Essay Research Paper

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The Ever-Changing American Culture Essay, Research Paper The Ever-changing American Culture As Americans, we used to worry little about war, having enough to eat, travel, freedom, and our most basic everyday activities. The tragic events of September 11, 2001 have forever changed the American way of life. We have now become more concerned with our physical health because of the few cases of anthrax and the possibility of more biological warfare. We also worry about nuclear warfare and the effects it could have on our health and environment. Americans have certainly become more patriotic and involved with their families since September 11. Most of us watch the news diligently to learn of any defeat the United States has accomplished in Afghanistan. Many of us are avoiding the

airlines and are not spending very much money. This has helped push the economy further on the downward slope. The stock exchange hit bottom on September 21 in the 8100 range and is now back over 9900, which is right at the cusp of being a bull market (Pellegrini). Oil prices have been dropping rapidly and are now around 17 dollars a barrel, which will help to boost our slowing economy. Unemployment rates will unfortunately probably remain the same. “Manpower, Inc. said Monday that its survey of United States companies’ hiring intentions for the first three months of 2002 barely registered a pulse, a weakness not seen since the recessionary early months of 1991. Unemployment numbers will continue to climb up through the winter and spring even as and if a recovery takes hold

(Pellegrini).” Our commitment together to boost the nation’s economy will ensure a bright future. America’s future seems to be based on our new ideas formed since September 11, but yet we still carry on the problems of the past. There is still many Americans living in poverty. There is still illegal drugs that infest our nation with addiction and crime that encircles the drug trade. There are many children not getting a good education and many of whom who are fearful of violence at our schools. It is up to us as Americans to face these problems head on now more than ever before. The nation’s most important problems to tackle and change are our illegal drug problem, the lack of good education for those of all ages, and to end the terrorist situation. The United States

“War on Drugs” has done little to stop the sources of the problem and has only persecuted the user. The nation’s children are often trying these illegal drugs at early ages despite drug education. These children also happen to lack in nearly every subject when compared to other nations around the globe. Many of the free nations of the world are dealing with terrorism and we all hope for a solution that will prevent any further violent acts committed against innocent people. The situation in Afghanistan actually began in 1979 when the Soviet Union invaded their country. The United States funded money to the “mujahedin,” or holy warriors, in the name of stopping communism. From this support, Afghanistan was able to defeat the Soviet Union in 1989. Yet the country became

very unstable after the war. Political power was fluctuating often and leaders came in and out of power rapidly. Farmers resorted to growing many drugs such as poppies and marijuana and sold them around the globe. Cities were annihilated. Over five million Afghanis fled to other countries in search of a better life. When the Afghanis turned to the United States for help in rebuilding our country, we refused. This caused great anger amongst the Afghani people directed toward the United States. This also lead to Mullah Mohammod Omar, the current leader of Afghanistan, to form a ground of men to “rebuild” his country. They are now known as the Taliban. Omar’s personal description is, “A simple band of dedicated youths determined to establish the laws of God on Earth and