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pure provoked conflict. Honestly, from my point of view, I feel the relationship between the movie industry and the contemporary issues in society do not represent each other at all. Movies in my opinion deal with much more with unrealistic themes. Either when talking about comedy, or horror-based films, movies tend to provide a much greater perspective of our imaginative side. Recent films such as Me, Myself, and Irene and Whipped, give audiences insane comedy that would never be thought of in the real world. I also feel movies leave a greater impact on the mind than television shows do. Because movies can be sometimes far fetched, people are many times inspired to act upon what they have seen in movies. Many school killings such as Columbine have been said to be inspired by

movies, specifically Basketball Diaries, in which Leonardo Di Caprio?s character shoots his entire class during school. These fantasy ideas given to viewers can sometimes be dangerous for vulnerable teenagers to see, but thanks to laws such as our rating system, the industry tries it?s best to keep such movies out of the minds of our youth. Another relationship that I found to be very insightful is that of the nightly news and drama based shows such as Big Brother. As focused on earlier in this class, news today deals with mostly negative information and investigative reporting. This so called drama we see in the news is highly demanded; ironically this is exactly what voyeuristic viewers yearn for as well: a situation where conflict and negativity are highly prevalent. In a

nation of immense variety, society has found a common interest when it comes to television shows today. Reality-based entertainment is definitely the standard for today?s major networks. It will be interesting to see what stations come out with in the next few years that deal with our voyeuristic wants. The question on my mind is how far are people willing to go when it comes to submitting themselves to the public for means of entertainment. From what I have witnessed so far, the more money offered, the farther people are willing to take away their privacy and cash it in for fame. What we must realize though is that television shows that are based on real life are still television shows. It?s entertainment and we must not let ourselves get buried into the turmoil of others we see

on TV today, even if it seems ?live?.