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a completely chronological form, instead there are event?s taking place everywhere all the time, in the time it takes for one happening to occur, millions of other are taking place all the time. The text also has realisation of it?s own construction. Instead of moving along seamlessly, presenting ?real life? it alerts the reader to the fact that the novel is merely a narrative. This is very different to the majority of novels, which deny their own manufacture, and draws attention to narratives, which inform people?s lives. Stories that people live out, texts that people read and accept as normal, these are brought to attention by the acknowledgement that the novel The English Patient is a construction of the writer, Michael Ondaatje?s imagination. It is through the use of

symbolism, tropes, images and the lack of linearity, as opposed to conventional techniques that the author Michael Ondaatje constructs meaning in the novel The English Patient.