The End To End All Ends Essay

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The End To End All Ends Essay, Research Paper –===============================================– –== Welcome to the ‘Worminator’ v1.0 ReadMe ==– –===============================================– Note: This game, Worminator, is Copyright 2000 by David Layne. All artwork in this game is original and is either Copyright 2000 by Keith Palmer or Copyright 2000 by Jeff Nielson. All graphical content in this game is completely original, and you do not have permission to use any artwork from this game without permission from a member of the Worminator Team. See the end of this document for contact information. The sound used in this game was obtained off sites on the internet (mostly meanrabbit sound archive) and a sound effects CD that I own. I beleive that none of

these sounds are copyrighted. If they are, please contact me ASAP and I will remove any copyrighted content immediately. All music in this game was composed by Garret Thomson, who holds the copyright on them. All programming in this game was done by David Layne, and only the Allegro library samples wer used as a base. This was compiled with the free DJGPP compiler, which means that this game was developed completely with free tools, so that we may in turn pass on these savings to you by offering the game totally free. WARNING, Disclaimer: This software is provided ‘as is’ with no warranty of any kind. No member of the Worminator Team may be held in any way responsible for any damage caused by this program. Use this software at your own risk. WARNING: You may not sell

Worminator or anything created specifically for use with Worminator, nor may you profit directly or indirectly in any way from Worminator without written permission from David Layne ( and Keith Palmer ( In addition: Worminator is not officially rated by any game rating system, but it is the judgement of the Worminator Team members that this game, Worminator, should probabaly not be played by those under 13 or those opposed to graphic violence. Use your own discression while playing, and please don’t try to hold us resposible if you have a problem with the game. Just don’t play it! That said, however, compared to most computer games avalible today, Worminator’s violence is mild and should not pose a problem to most players. DO NOT

seperate this ReadMe.txt file from the Worminator package, or alter this file in any way! –===========================================================– –== About Our Company, Electroencephalogram Productions ==– –===========================================================– The Worminator Team refers to our collective whole as Electroencephalogram Productions. We first chose this name in 1995, and we hope it does not violate anyone’s copyrights or anything like that. If so, please tell us so we can change it, but I dobut that anyone else is freaky enough to pick a name like Electroencphalogram. That said, our logo is a a cool pink brain with spinal cord/nerve endings attatched, which is also featured as a playable character in Worminator. Our logo movies usually

feature some kind of brain being destroyed by an electral charge, as in the company logo movie included in Worminator. –=============– –== Story ==– –=============– The Story Up Until Now… The year is 2028, 14 years after the start of the deadliest war in the history of worm kind. Much has changed… In the year 2012; a brilliant American scientist discovered how to make W.O.R.M. (Wormborg Operated Remote Missile) Weaponry, and to work them, the “WormBorgs” cyborg fighting machines. These so called “WormBorgs” were the elite fighting force and the pride of the United Worms of America. Their life-like roles soon became far too life-like. They thought on their own, and acted on their own whims, under their own leader “DirtNet.” No one exactly knows who or