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constant will be lowered. The black holes will begin to expand until they become a large, thin cloud of dust and gas. This cloud will continue to expand endlessly. Another theory states that the universe will continue expanding. Most stars will die and fade until they come cold chucks of rock. Matter would collide with antimatter and become radiation energy or fall into black holes. Any remaining matter would begin to decay as gravity is diminished by the reduction of matter. Atoms would fall apart and form radiation. The only matter left would be left in black holes and this too will give off energy and lose all its matter. IN the end all that would be left is an expanding sea of radiation energy. A final theory predicts the collapse of the universe. Currently the universe is

expanding outward. It is thought that even though there isn?t enough visible matter to pull the universe back in, there may be enough mass in undetectable dark matter. If this is true the force of gravity will be strong enough to pull the universe back together. In the time that this takes to happen many starts will have collapsed and some will produce black holes. As the universe collapses more and more matter will be pulled into these black holes. Black holes will collide and combine. Eventually all the matter will be drawn into one universal black hole from which it can?t escape. There are many different theories on the end of the universe. At this point we can only theorize as to what will happen because of limited amount of data. There are two important factors, which are

needed to help marrow the number of theories. The first is the mass of the universe, which will help determine the force of gravity. The second is the velocity at which the universe is expanding. After knowing these two factors we will be closer to determining whether the universe will continue to expand or whether it will collapse. Only time will tell which of these proves to be true. Fortunately for us this time is billions of years and we all will not be around to find out what the outcome will be.