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seven was dedicated to Count Moritz Romain Rolland. It has been called an orgy of rhythm. In this symphony beethoven perhaps most clearly shows his true nature. It is said Beethoven once stated I am a Baccus pressing out delicious nectar for mankind. Symphony number eight has a cheerful atmosphere, but is sometimes a little disturbing. It contains many delightful whims that excite peoples emotions and flare up their imaginations.(The world of Music 141) Symphony number nine is another extremely famous work by Beethoven. This is Beethoven s only choral symphony, but by the time the great master wrote it he was completely deaf. It was performed for the first time on May 7th 1824. The romantic elements seen in the 9th symphony are not present in the 1st(Lipman 54). After this great

work was done Caroline Vinger, one of the soprano soloists, had to turn Beethoven around to see the crowd applauding(Schmidt-G rg 30). Ludwig van Beethoven died on March 26th, 1827. When approaching death he came to embrace life and the world(Lipman 55). The pallbearers that held up Beethoven s coffin were some of the finest musicians in all of Vienna(Oestreich). 30,000 people attended his funeral. Beethoven touched many lives with the 9 symphonies, 32 piano sonatas, 16 string quartets, 5 piano concertos, 2 masses, and the opera he wrote. He has become the central composer of our western tradition(Lipman 55). Beethoven occupies a position looking at once backward and foreword in the middle of western musical development… (Lipman 55) Beethoven s life has been one filled with

many tragedies and hardships. He persevered through his fathers abuse and his deafness as a result. It is these hardships that have helped him to write such beautiful melodies and heartwarming harmonies. 368