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would be placed on making sure that all votes cast for any one candidate were good votes and not those of the dead or unregistered or anything of the sort. To catch cheaters, one would need more sophisticated forms of voting stations which could cost billions of dollars and all in all, one could argue that to get a slightly better electoral process rather that the elusive and nonexistent perfect one for the cost would be extremely impractical. That is not for anyone person to judge but rather for a society to consider just how important they consider the true will of the people to be. When the issue of whether or not to reform the Electoral College is up for discussion, all those considering the question must take many things into account. Are the alternatives that much better

than the current system? And if so, which alternative would be best and beyond that, most cost efficient? If there were ever to be a direct election system, the more careful monitoring required would cost a lot of money and manpower. Are these things when weighed against the pros so incredibly lob sided that the current system must stand? If there was a massive overhaul to the way presidents are elected, who would be benefited? Those most directly benefiting would be the blacks and areas of large population. The benefit to the large population areas would be nothing new but give the blacks and other racial minorities a more powerful voice would be good. It would in essence be another step towards true racial equality and hence, benefit the country as well as the world through

uniting of the citizens at large. On top of all of that, there would be a more accurate representation of the wishes of the masses in the United States when it came down to electing a new president. The people would feel as though their vote was important so voter turn out would be greater and this would also help to show the opinions of more Americans in elections than previously so that in reality, the newly elected president would more likely than not truly show the will of the people as the masses intended to. Without reform, presidents will come and go, and each time, the question of was that man deservedly president or did he just get in by a flaw in the system. In most cases, it will never be known but this much is true, as a society, America needs to take elections of

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