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while southern cities such as Phoenix and San Diego have seen rises in population of 69% and 64% respectively. These population changes show that there is a growing divide between the prosperous south and the industrial north, this view is backed up by the reallocation of EC votes with many northern states losing votes to southern states. This shift in the balance of power means that campaign strategies for the two main parties in the US have now changed. Many northerners are traditionally Democrats, but with so many migrating to the more Republican south, it means that states such as California and Florida are now more likely to swing to the Democrats. Arizona is a fine example of these huge swings in voting behaviour, ever since the 1940 s it has been staunchly Republican, but

in 1996 the Democrats won it. These changes have also gone in the other direction. States that used to have only a Republican minority now find that they are the majority because so many Democrats have moved south. States in the mid-west such as Kansas and Wyoming now tend to favour the Republicans instead of the Democrats. As a result of the changes to the population campaign strategies have seemingly been almost reversed, with Republicans now targeting the north for seats, while the Democrats are now campaigning more heavily in the south. The balance of power in the Electoral College has now shifted away from the smaller populated northern states, such as Wyoming and Alaska, towards the larger southern states, such as California, Texas and Florida.