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The Eisenhower Adminstration Essay, Research Paper The Eisenhower Administration In 1952, General Dwight D. Eisenhower became president of the United States of America. With Richard Nixon as his Vice President, Eisenhower had won 57 percent of the popular vote and 442 to 89 of the electoral vote. Moderation of Eisenhower?s policies and the influence of Democratic supporters led Eisenhower to coin, “Modern Republicanism” as his maxim for the day. Being conservative with money and liberal with people was a policy meant to sway as many supporters from both wings or schools of thought as Eisenhower could manage. Using this influence Eisenhower discouraged the repealing of The New and Fair deals. In 1959 Alaska and Hawaii were admitted into the Union as the Forty-ninth and

fiftieth states. Both states were the first to be non-continental and had great value in industry and agriculture. Alaska had been purchased from Russia in 1867 while Hawaii had been annexed in 1898. Eisenhower was a pro-labor president who pushed congress to raise the minimum wage to a dollar as well as encouraging Ford and GM to Promote unemployment benefits. During the Fifties many unions set up welfare funds to aid unemployed, Disabled, and retired workers. In 1959 Congress passed the management labor act, which banned secondary boycotts and picketing by groups not directly associated with the Union in question. Also, Congress passed the Taft Hartley act of 1947, This legislation allows a president to order striking workers in crucial industries back to work for 80 days while

the government investigates the dispute. For example, The U.S. Steel Industry workers began a strike for higher wage benefits and President Eisenhower ordered the workers back in to service and worked out a step by step pay increase for all those involved. Eisenhower?s injunction did not solve the problem but did allow for continued progress of steel production while negotiations could take place. During the Fifties Small farms and private land owners were declining their prosperity, with the exception of large commercial farms. From 1952 to 1956 farm income dropped 26 percent due to a loss in foreign markets. So as a solution to the problem Eisenhower proposed the soil bank, This bank pumped millions of dollars to farms that reduced or withdrew from productions of surplus goods

and planted trees or built dams. The Eisenhower administration inherited a difficult problem of constitutional rights. Congressional committees who were accused of handling suspects of subversion wrongly without due process. For Example, Jo McCarthy accused many government officials, without proper evidence or documentation, of conspiring against the American people. Later, McCarthy was revealed to be a fraud who utilized public paranoia to further his own career. Keeping with classic Republican doctrine, Eisenhower believed in a small government and the idea of a president having limited powers and abilities. Furthermore, Eisenhower believed that the federal government should be less active in the affairs of the state governments and there one can make the connection to Jo

McCarthy who exploited Eisenhower?s hands off approach to begin his investigations. A common saying for the time was, “Get in the Eisenhower prosperity” which referred to Eisenhower?s support of the New and Fair deals. Eisenhower tried to expand moderately on both the New and fair deal. During this time the stock market reached new highs. As The United States felt secure in it?s technological superiority, The Soviet Union Launched the world?s first artificial satellite and is considered to be the catalyst for the American space program. During the fifties, Congress passed (1958) the National Defense Education act, which provided millions of dollars in low cost loans to college students and with significant reductions in payments if they became teachers. Responding to