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been tricked into advising the pope to massacre some people, thinking that his soul was protected by a papal absolution. Dante was horrified by the gore in the ninth pouch, where sowers of scandal and schism were maimed by a devil with a sword. Among them, he saw the founder of Islam and his nephew, and the leader of a contemporary heretical order. In the tenth pouch, there were three groups of falsifiers. The falsifiers of metals (alchemists) were plagued by a disease like leprosy. Dante spoke with two of them, who energetically scratched their scabs off. The second group was made up of those who impersonated other people, like Gianni Schicci and Myrrha. These were insane. There were also counterfeiters and liars. The similarities in Spawn and the eight circle of The Inferno was

that each enclosures were different characteristics in Al Simmons that made him the perfect destructive force Malebolgia s army. While living Al Simmons job were consisted of these many different sins. The main reason that he was chosen was that he enjoyed his job no matter what the mission, making his soul evil. The two hells are similar in that you would see people there that you thought you would not see. In a certain issue of Spawn, there was group of people who just arrived in hell. They went on a journey though one of the circles of hell. Among these people, there was a church lady. Who kept saying oh my lord where am I please have mercy on my soul and she had one of those hand fans that they have in church. The major differences noted in Spawn and The Inferno. For example

Spawn s hell, this is training grounds for Malebolgia army where there will be a Great War between Heaven and hell. In Dante depiction of hell people are tortured and tormented for there sins but does not refer to any war between heaven and hell. Although these two hells are the same in condemning people, they are portrayed in a different manner. Spawn a very popular comic series depicts hell in a modern world. There are many similarities between the two versions of hell. I assume that Todd McFarlane took pieces of The inferno and elaborated on certain aspects of hell. Especially on the eight circle making it a collaboration of Spawn s personality. I highly recommend both the comic series and book for reading.