The Effects Of The Internet Essay Research

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The Effects Of The Internet Essay, Research Paper Chances are, anyone who is reading this paper has at one time, at least surfed the netonce. Broadcasting your views, questions, and information to millions of other people.The Internet has so many different features. It has chatrooms, which is a great place tomeet new people. The Internet has several research sites available for school papers.The Internet can also become very addictive if you?re not careful at the time youspend on it. The Internet has both negative and positive sides as to the effect it has onstudy habits. I personally have spent more hours then I can add up on the Internet. More then I careto even admit. I will take you back approximately three months ago. At this time Ireceived a new computer at work. My

first thought was what Internet provider will Iuse? I chose America On line. I had a hard time setting up my account but by the thirdday I was in cyber land. I was learning the ropes of the net, researching, looking atpictures, I cannot believe the pictures on the Internet. I sent everyone I know e-mails.I thought it was the best thing aside from cheesecake. The Internet has been very helpful when it comes to research on different subjects.I usually find very helpful information. I have also been lead to dead ends more thenonce. I have found so many different interesting things on the net, in fact I found myfamily tree, which was very surprising to run into. I have found a lot of different schoolEssay sites, I will never use these as it is unfair to the people who write the

papers. I havefound information on concerts and different events that are in Tampa and the surrounding areas. If I didn?t have a life I would always have the net!There are chat rooms ah yes oneof my favorite time passing activities. One boring, Williams-2dull afternoon, while I was at work still very unfamiliar with my new computer.I started clicking around and looking in different files. Low and behold I found the chatfile. I of course made sure my boss and everyone were out of the office. Click off tocyber chat I went. I ventured into the U.K chat area rooms called Transatlantic. It wasgreat everyone welcomed me and gave me a cheesy cyber hug. I meet people all over theworld and spoke to a few in the United States. I lost track of time and the next thing Iknew it was five

o?clock and time for me to go home. That day at work I didn?taccomplish much at all. The next few weeks became worse. I became addicted toAmerica On Line! What can I do? I thought to my self. I started skipping lunch, I startedsaying mum instead of mom arse instead of ass. This has had a large negative effect onmy study habits. I am currently looking for a new job and hope to get one that does nothave Internet Access available to employees. I will say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Internet. I have limited my timeon the net to a few hours during the day. I do not log onto the Internet at home or on theweekends. I still like to spend time in chat rooms as often as I can, I like to talk topeople from Europe now. I am traveling to Europe in July and have had a lot of

peoplegive me advice. I am currently taking lunch at least three times a week now. I have yet toshare my addiction with anyone I know well. My advice to people who use the Internetwould be, use the net for what you need don?t become one of me. Have fun but don?t letthe world of cyber take you over. If you already use the net and spend more time onthe net then you do studying, you should really evaluate your situation.Williams-1