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family s mobile home killing his two-year-old sister, Jessica Matthews. The mother of the six-year-old said the boy lit the fire after watching Beavis and Butt-head, a cartoon about two adolescents with a taste for pyrotechnics. This tragedy shows that television programs have influences on the minds of children. Even teachers are seeing this ripple effect of television effecting students in school as well as at home. Doug Hallstead, a Grade 2 teacher, sees those effects every Wise, 6 day in the schoolyard. I haven t seen Red Rover or tag on the playgrounds for years, says Hallstead.(Maclean 36) The standard now is play fighting, often with kung-fu moves. But the real lowering of empathy is when the students standard line is I was just joking when I kicked him. (Maclean 36) Even

more disturbing for Hallstead is what happens in the classroom. If we re talking about the Second World War and we mention something violent, there are always a few boys who will go, Yeah, right on. (Maclean 37) The list goes on and on of horrific stories that have happened in our society due to television. There is no way to shut off television as a whole. Televisions will always be around it is part of our culture and it is too big of a moneymaker for television programs to stop. Let s face it the only true way for television to not effect our kids is plain and simple. Don t own a television. But the fact of that is not in your favor, about 95.5 percent of Americans own at least one television in there house.(Taming the Wild Tube 4) There is new ways to control your television

programs, such as the V-chip. The V-chip is planned to come out in September in Canada and will allow parents to screen out violent programming, which is a good start to in the battle for the minds of their children.(Maclean 39) But the only way to turn the tube around is you, the parent. There are many ways to getting around this problem. Designating a Television Turn-Off Week can be an effective and enjoyable way to jump-start a change in your family s television viewing patterns. It can also be a wonderful chance to explore new ways for your family to share time and activities together. Critical to the success of a television turn-off is how the idea is how the idea is initially presented. Marie Winn, the author of Wise, 7 Unplugging the Plug-In Drug, offers some guidelines.

In two parent families, both adults should be in agreement regarding television. Many attempts to the turn-off fail because each parent has different opinions, sending mixed messages to the children. Confidently present the idea of a turn-off, giving all the reasons you think is worthwhile. Make straightforward deals If you ll do this, I ll do ). And even if you can t get outright participation, try for a show of solidarity in front of the children. Presenting the idea to pre-school children and toddlers does not require advance discussion. In most cases, all that is needed is a matter of fact statement that we will not be watching television this week. Also, getting company for you television turn-off is valuable. Support from friends and neighbors, as well as teachers and

classmates can be a great help. A turn-off is more enjoyable if other families are involved. During this turn-off time you will find that your kids, as well as you have, a lot of more time on your hands. During this time that your children are not watching television there is many enjoyable activities that your children will find fun and that are educational as well, see appendix. These great ways to have fun with your children are a great alternative to television and your children will love these games also. 35e