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penis associated with cigarette smoking (Br. Medical Journal “Smoking” Pg. 3). Smoking also causes a number of other health problems. Smokers are more likely to develop ulcers than nonsmokers are, and an ulcer take longer to heal in smoker than it dose in a non-smoker (U.S.DHHS “Reducing”). Smoking is also known to affect the body’s immune system, which is the way the body protects itself against infection and disease (U.S. DHHS “The Health”). Smokers who have surgical procedures are more likely to have problems with the surgery and recovery, due to the effects of smoking on the heart, blood circulation, and oxygen supply (Royal Pg. 1). Smokers have a poorer sense of smell than nonsmokers, are more likely to snore, and to have wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Smoking also effects the color of the complexion (Daniell, Pg. 3). The effects and consequences of cigarette smoking have been proven to be detrimental to all those who smoke, as well as any one who is exposed to second hand smoke. Its has also been proven that by smoking just one cigarette, you put your body at risk for some of these effects. The only way we as a society can diminish these effects is decrease the number of people who smoke. Taking more time to educate others and ourselves to the health problems and side effects associated with smoking would be the first step in keeping new smokers from starting, and helping those who already smoke want to quit. a33 American Lung Association, The Facts About Cigarette Smoking, Internet URL: http:// Association of Cancer Registries and Australian Institute of Health. National Cancer Statistics Clearinghouse. Scientific Publication No 1, 1987 Br Medical Journal. Mortality in Relation to Smoking: 40 years’ observation on male British doctors, 1994 Br. Medical Journal. Smoking and Carcinoma of the lungs, 1950 Condra M, Morales A. Prevalence and significance of tobacco smoking in impotence. 1986 Daniell H.W. A Study of the Epidemiology of a Smokers Wrinkles, 1971 Center for Disease Control. The Health Effects of Smoking on Young People. Internet URL: National Heart Foundation of Australia. Heart Health Resource Manual. Sydney Australia, 1989 Royal Australian College of surgeons.

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was mistakenly omitted.