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way that all women like to be treated. Many anti-censorship groups argue that pornography is wrong. They claim that most forms of pornography are not violent and as a result have no effect on people. However, studies by two psychologists, Dolf Zillman and Jennings Bryant, discovered that people exposed to non-violent pornography made people more violent towards women. They also found that massive exposure to pornography desensitized them to rape as a criminal charge. Many people who are affected by pornography were exposed to it while they were in their adolescent stage. Many steps can be taken to stop this. For one parents should teach their children about the harms of pornography. They should also evaluate the access to media (cable tv, magazines, Internet). There are also many

programs available for parents to block pornography on PC s. These steps can cut back the amount of pornography In this society, pornography is becoming more and more prevalent in society. It has become a plague that is affecting people mentally. When there is a high circulation of pornography there are more and more cases of rape. Pornography also degrades women and tends to make men view women as inferior. It is becoming more and more urgent that people must put a stop to pornography before it becomes to widespread to stop.