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information over a sustained period of time, I would direct them to the Internet, because its filled with so many resources and its always up dating its information on a daily bases. (Encouraging Governmental Actions) The government has many actions to protect human health. One of the leading agencies in this field is the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA began in 1970 with the passage of landmark legislation. Much has been accomplished it those 27 years, but much remains to be done. Due to the learning and failure of the EPA an extensive study entitled Reinventing Environmental Regulations took place on March 16, 1995, the study makes several important points: Americans are committed to a healthy environment. Pollution is a sign of economic inefficiency. Profits can be

improved by preventing pollution. Better decisions result from collaborative processes than adversarial ones. Regulations allowing flexibility can provide greater protection at lower cost. (Hankinson,1996) These regulations would probably not of taken place if it was not up to the regional administrator for Region IV of the United States, John H. Hankinson Jr. (Hankinson, 1996). Today the EPA limits the amount of lead that can be in leaded gasoline to 0.1 grams of lead per gallon of gasoline(0.1g/gal), and unleaded gasoline to 0.05g/gal. The amount lead in the air is required under 1.5 micrograms per cubic meter average over three month period, and lead in drinking water to 15 micrograms per liter (Xintaras, 1993). If help is needed the EPA works with several different agencies

such as: Occupational Safety and Health Administration that can be reached by this Number (202) 219-8151, the National Conference of State Legislatures at (303) 830-2200, and the National Lead Information Center Clearinghouse at (800) 424-LEAD. The Food & Drug Administration(FDA) is one of the oldest protection agencies in our nation today. The FDA is a public health agency, charged with protecting American consumers by enforcing the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and several related public health laws. Today the FDA is located in 157 cities across the country. It investigates and inspects around 95,000 FDA- regulated businesses(The Food and Drug Administration, 1995). This organization is taken steps to protect children from lead poisoning by proposing regulations that

will make it harder for small children to gain access to high-potency lead products. FDA is also helping ensure that health-care providers and consumers are alerted to the dangers associated with accidental overdoses of lead- containing products (Hingley, 1996). Today the FDA is headed by the Commissioner David A. Kessler, M.D. Government officials face many key arguments or points each day. One argument that I would encourage governmental official to look at is the amount of lead allowed in gasoline. Today the burning of leaded gasoline is the number one pollution dealing with lead. So in my opinion I would suggest that they reduce the amount of lead in gasoline so that are children and the following generations do not have to deal with this problem. Another point is what is the

government and their agencies doing in order prevent this pollution from causing problems in our future. (Supporting non-governmental Organizations) Besides governmental organization there are organizations that work throughout different communities that try too help people that are in need. One example of this is the Program Development Department Kiwanis International. This organization has a few goals it would like their communities to know about: 1. Awareness of the risk of lead poisoning and particularly the danger in home renovations. 2. Identification of Children who are at risk of who are already poisoned. 3. Removal and reduction of the lead hazard in hones, child care centers, and schools. They ask if there any questions about any of these goals or anything about

preventing lead poison to contact them at: Program Development Department Kiwanis International 3636 Wooodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268-3196 U.S.A. 317/875-8755, ext.214 800/549-2647 (North America Only) (Kiwanis International, 1996) (Steps that I can Personally take to Make a Difference) Besides governmental and non-governmental organizations there are steps that we can make in our communities that will help out. One step that I would personally take is by letting my friends and family know some of the facts on lead poison such as: 1. Where not to let there children play 2. Toys children should not play with 3. Items that one should not bye due to high amounts of lead This would help them keep their homes in a condition which would be safer for there children. These steps