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you may even harm yourself in the process so that you can not continue to exercise or much worse hurt yourself enough so that you wont want to exercise ever again. It actually is possible to over do exercise, and exercise can be detrimental to those few with extreme medical conditions Therefore exercise is beneficial to nearly all of the population. M Wing 9 Katch Victor. and Frank Katch. Shape Magazine “ Inside Exercise” July 1983, 24 Kerlan, Robert, and Ronald B. Machenzie, Shape, “Stretch to Fitness.” April 1987 ,40 . Nieman, David C. Exercise Testing and Prescription A Health- Related Approach Fourth Edition California: Mayfield 1999: 601-3 Pavlou, Konstantin, and Victoria Zak. “Exercise it Works.” Shape March 1986, 46, 141-4. Tomporowski, Phillip D. “Exercise

and your Emotions.” Shape, July 1983, 50-1, 90 –4. Williams Melvin H. Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport Fifth edition Iowa: McGraw 1999: 367