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woman who has not previously had headaches or may become worse than they were before starting pills. Rarely, changes in vision accompany these headaches. Depression (sometimes severe) and other mood changes may occur in women on pills. Some women experience a decreased interest in sex or a decreased ability to have orgasms. Decreased libido may be due to decreased levels of free testosterone caused by oral contraceptives. Chlamydial cervicitis is more common in women on pills. Pill can cause cervical ectopia, a condition in which part of the cervical surface near the opening of the canal becomes covered by the delicate mucus-secreting columnar cells that normally line the cervical canal. With an ectopion, the cervix of the pill user is more vulnerable to chlamydia trachomatis

infection, although no evidence exists that this increased risk places women using OCs at greater risk for pelvic inflammatory disease (salpingitis). Although urinary tractinfections occurred at an increased rate in women using pills in the Royal college of General Practitioners Study, this link was not found in the oxford/FPA Study. Women using pills tend to have intercourse more frequently and it is difficult to know if infections are due to intercourse-induced cystitis or to effects of pills. Other early studies found that women using pills appeared to have a slightly higher incidence of bronchitis, viral illness such as chickenpox, cervical ectopion, or vaginal discharges. Sterilization, If you are certain that you do not want children in the future, sterilization offers a

safe and effective method of birth control. Male sterilization is 99.9% effective; female sterilization is 99.6% effective. Has no effect on the production of sex hormones in men or women. Men will continue to produce sperm-free seminal fluid during intercourse and women will continue to menstruate. The procedure takes about 20 minutes for men and one hour for women. Depending upon the patient, a general or local anesthetic is used. Considered permanent. Surgery to reverse the procedure is available, but is costly, is considered major and results are not guaranteed. These above are reason that make the effectiveness of birth control a very arguementive concept. Bibliography no bibliography needed for this report 33f