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evidence of this. Regardless, biological weapons have been and continue to be used around the world, and this represents a crime against humanity. Biological warfare must be stopped and so must all research in that area. One of the primary reasons why biological warfare should be stopped is that it is fundamentally inhumane. This is inherently true in the nature of disease. Someone that is dieing from a disease in many cases suffers far more than someone dieing from a bullet wound or other such war tactics. The most recent example of how biological warfare is cruel and inhumane was in Bosnia where most of the United Nations military that were posted there to keep the peace in the country were exposed to the biological weapon agent uranium which leads to Leukemia, which is a form

of cancer which there is no cure for. The reason that these soldiers are dieing is that the Check Republic army used missiles from old uranium (CNN World News). Another reason why the use of biological warfare is wrong is that it is impossible to control or predict its effect. When I biological weapon is detonated it has no specific target but it can and does affect any person within its impact radius. This means that it indiscriminately kills innocent civilians including women and children. The biological warfare tactic that was used in previous centuries of throwing contaminated corpses into wells to poison drinking water is a perfect example of this. In addition to this, disease spreads uncontrollably. The Tartars in the early fourteenth century, captured the city of Kaffa and

catapulted bodies that where infested with plagues in to the city. It is believed that as a result, between the years of 1347 and 1351 over twenty-five million people died in medieval Europe (Mayer p 2). Another period of time where biological weapons where used was in the French and Indian War in the year of 1651, where the English offered blankets to he Native Americans that were infected with Smallpox (Mayer pp 2-3). Biological warfare also has the potential to pollute the environment and devestate non-human species. As genetic strands of DNA can mutate, it is possible for disease meant only to affect humans to change into something that can kill plants or animals. This means that a biological weapon has long lasting effects, longer than the length of the conflict and also of

the lives of the people involved. This presents the possibility that future generations will be equally affected. Another way future generations can be affected is via genetic mutation caused by biological warfare agents. Genetic mutation can manifest itself in many different forms. Some of the ways that people will be affected through genetic mutation is the prematurity of newborn babies, as well as birth defects. It is also known that a person will be susceptible to many different forms of disease. An example of this sort of ripple effect is the series chemical attacks visited on the citizens of Tokyo on the twentieth of March 1995 (Mayer pp 9 ? 11). The attackers on the Tokyo subway systems released a chemical warfare agent called Sarin. Since March 1995, birth defects and

mutations have been reported in connection with some of the non-fatality victims of the original attack. Such birth defects mirror those seen following the Hiroshima tragedy in 1945. Given the terrible nature of biological warfare, it would be logical for the world to stop all developments and use of biological weapons. However, it has been reported that some countries are illegally producing biological weapons. Some of these countries include the USA, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. This is just part of a very long list (Jones, 1996). Recognition of how wrong biological warfare is began in 1969, when former United States President Richard Nixon changed the US policy on biological warfare. During his visit to Fort Detrick, he announced that the United

States would terminate all research on biological weapons. By the year 1972 the United States had completely destroyed all biological weapon stockpile. In return of this act the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention was held, As a result of 118 countries signed a agreeing not to develop, produce, or stockpile any form of biological weapon(Mayer p4). Unfortunately despite many laws passed over time, few countries have abided by them. Evidence of this came in the late 1970?s and early 1980?s there were reports that the Soviet Union was using biological weapons in Laos, Kampuchea, and Afghanistan (Mayer p 4). In conclusion, it is clear that a biological weapon is wrong. When Saddam Hussein threatened to turn the Persian Gulf War into ?the mother of all wars? the world shook with