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properties need paint and repair not tasteless PVC, before 1990 wooden windows were used. Also the Victorian detail is removed from the ornate door surrounds, and elaborate windows are replaced with vulgar modern ones. It could be argued that the only development that directly influences the lives of the majority of the locals is the Islamic centre and Masjid that is under construction and is funded by private donations. In Sparkbrook a reasonably high proportion of the properties are rented?39.7%. This indicates a lack of money in the area, as local residents are unable to afford their own home. However, there has been a noticeable decline in the number of people living in local authority accommodation as more people are buying their own homes or renting privately. The

regeneration is by no means complete and plans are in place to make further improvements to the local area, such as new commercial development and traffic calming schemes. For the people there are also going to be training schemes, as there is an obvious skills shortage. Presentation of SummaryLooking back at the work that has been carried out and the various reactions and problems that the regeneration programme has had to endure it is not easy to establish whether the regeneration programme has been a great success or a sorrowful failure. Both the old and new walls and posts are graffitied, the local people have not reduced their unemployment level, and people that feel strongly about the period feel to the area appear outraged at the insensitivity of the urban renewal plans.

However, new businesses have been brought to the area, parking has been improved, and many of the houses have been updated and given more curb-appeal with neater gardens. It is unfortunate that not all the houses in a row could be updated simultaneously, and that some residents are not actively encouraging the scheme. It is the combination of these factors and that fact that the area has not really changed that has resulted in the scheme not reaching its full potential.