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this statement, but the audience are. Another example is when Edward doesn?t tell his mother where he obtained the locket that contains a photo of Mickey and Mrs. Johnstone. He says: “It?s just a secret, everybody has a secrets, don?t you have secrets?” The audience begin to feel involved with the play and the suspense builds because they know Mrs. Lyons keeps the biggest secret of all. ?Blood Brothers? is composed of fairly simple storylines. There is nothing too difficult to understand and it helps the audience to stay focused and involved with the action. The varied scene changes in the film work to keep the audience captivated, as does the upbeat, fast pace of the play. The music creates a dramatic atmosphere and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. An incidence

of this is when excitement is created by the sounds of a heartbeat rising to a crescendo. Overall I feel Willy Russell is very successful in sustaining the audience?s attention and involving them with his characters due to the effectiveness of his writing. The plotlines are simple yet captivating, and the characterisation is vivid and imaginative. It is easy to empathise with the emotions experienced by his characters which makes us care about what happens to them. Russell is also highly successful in building dramatic tension and the conclusion of the play is both shocking and thought provoking.