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plague. Wardens were reluctant to let prisoners out after they had acquired the AIDS virus because the officials believed that prisoners would be dangerous to society. Prisoners who were known to be infected with the virus would not be isolated, but guards would wear gloves when they had to inspect the prisoners or their cells. Showing the little care for the prisoners as the guards protected themselves. In the 1960’s and 1970’s after many law suits about health care, prison rebellions took place, one of the highest demands were better health care. Berkman stated that the sick calls were done by poorly trained by health care workers. He also notes that the education of medical care has been almost completely shut down because authorities see it as disruptive to the prison

society. Currently, every one out of fifty-five Americans will spend time in prison. In 1996, Arthur Wallenstein reported that between 1995 and1996 the prison population had a 4.2% increase from 486,474 to 507,044. Overpopulation in prisons has caused many problems for the government since the 1700’s. The entire prison system in twelve states is under court orders concerning the overcrowding of their penal system. The imprisonment rates his three to four times greater than some European countries. In 1994 alone, Kupers reports that there were over one million prisoners in America. Some prisons have dealt with this problem by turning gyms and recreational rooms into make shift dormitories. Problems with this include the terrible noise that echoed through the rooms, the inability

to sufficiently clean the lack of privacy and the loss of facilities used to accommodate the excessive prisoners. In a New York prison had a population of 7,921, exceeding the limit by 88% according to Barbara A. Nadel’s report done in 1996. In 1997, Johnson, Bennett, and Flanagan have reported that the prison rate in America has more than quadrupled since 1970. America’s prisons have many problems that are seen by the public. Overcrowding, excessive violence, gangs, and excessive finances are big problems that can not be resolved easily. But with the proper research, all of these problems can be resolved. If the prisons were more efficient, then the penal system would be more effective. The problems facing rehabilitation need to be studied and it must be fixed. Without the

effective prisons, the crime population will be harder to control and the crime rate will continue to increase.