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average cost is $3.44 (Williams, 1999). The food service facilities just make enough to keep them open. The cafeterias also provide live piano music for diners (Anthes, 1997). Employees can check the day?s menu on their office computer (Williams, 1999). Because SAS has many international employees, the cafeterias offer ?theme days,? where recipes from various countries are prepared (Williams, 1999). The cafeterias save employees the money and hassle of going outside the workplace for lunch, and cut down on business lunches. Parents may pick their children up from the daycare facility and bring them to lunch at the cafeterias, which are equipped with highchairs (Fishman, 2000). It is estimated that over half of the Cary location employees eat lunch on the SAS premises (Williams,

1999). When one SAS employee developed a carpal tunnel syndrome, the company realized that ergonomics was a concern. SAS?s focus on health and safety have brought about the staffing of two full-time ergonomics specialists. The team has no set budget and responds to problems as they arise (Mottl, 2000). The goal is for the workers to be comfortable on the job and to have safe surroundings. Offices in the Institute are equipped with ergonomic keyboards, footrests and adjustable chairs. SAS also believes that the workers? environment can either inspire or depress them. The company has built an on-site greenhouse to provide fresh flowers to offices (Mottl, 2000). An in-house artist paints pictures to hang in the 19 SAS buildings (Anthes, 1997). CEO Jim Goodnight offers discounts on

property in his subdivision as well as to memberships to his country club, and stays at his hotel. Every white-collar employee has a private office and the opportunity to create a flexible work schedule (Fishman, 2000). All workers receive three weeks of paid vacation each year with an extra week from Christmas to New Year?s Day. This contrasts greatly to the data found in Albertson?s 2000 survey, where it was discovered that the majority of companies require individuals be employed for at least one year to accrue two weeks of paid vacation, and the median number of paid holidays is nine annually (Albertson, 2000). There is no limit to sick days for SAS workers, although industry average is only 17% allowing paid sick leave (Albertson, 2000). Employees also receive a year-end

bonus and profit sharing. Other perks include an elder care program, an on-site ATM, a putting green, sky-lit meditation rooms, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and pool tables (Fishman, 2000). SAS Institute also recognizes domestic partners in unconventional relationships as dependents. SAS employees are sweetened a bit each week as well with free M&Ms on Wednesday, fresh fruit on Monday (Anthes, 1997), and free juice and soda always (Fishman, 2000). SAS has been called the ?sanest place on the planet to work? (Cole, 1999). SAS has an infrastructure with little stress, treating employees as adults. Vice President of Human Resources, David Russo says ?policies and procedures generally are written for the 20 percent of people who are going to violate them, not the 80 percent

that do right by them? (Cole, 1999). CEO and founder Goodnight?s philosophy is stated as such: ?It is important to the success of the organization that employees are treated with respect and care; that they are given interesting work to do; that they are paid a fair and competitive wage; and that they are allowed to participate in the fruits of their labor? (Cole, 1999). Potential employees in technical fields go through ?SAS bootcamp? (Leonard, 1999). This program includes 8 weeks of training, team building and professional development to prepare graduates for jobs within the company. SAS Institute is certainly not the only software company in the Research Triangle Park area in NC. Compared to neighboring companies such as Nortel Networks, IBM, and Cisco, SAS still stands ahead.

SAS Cisco IBM Nortel Flexible work Schedule Flexible work schedule available and standard 35 hour work week Telecommuting in some areas. Work schedule dependent upon location Flexible work schedule available, if standard work week is met Dependent upon direct supervisor Fitness facility on-site or local membership On-site facility, or membership to local facility branch offices Fitness center with professional staff. For employees only Fitness center Fitness program, does not include facility or membership Child care Two on-site day care centers Referral service Referral service Referral service On-site cafeteria Two on-site gourmet cafeterias Yes No No Dry-cleaning service Yes Yes No No Sick days Unlimited sick days, and health clinic on-site Can be earned with time in company