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resist his timptations to focus on ironies and ambiguities was for the majority the down fall of the two films. Propaganda, especially in a highly political wartime context, strives to glorify one system or ideology and assault the opposing views. In other words, propaganda neeeds to be clear, direct, and orthodoox, with every perception razor shoarp and every moral issue purely black and white. No ambiguity or alternative thinking is allowable. It has often been asserted by critics that propaganda films make bad entertainment: Hitchcock demonstrated that good entertainment can make equally bad propaganda. The films are relatively unknown untell their re-release approximatley 50 years later. Conclusion If one compares the directness and intensity of the effect that the various

means of propaganda have on the great masses, film is without question the most powerful. The written and spoken word depend entirely on the content or on the emotional appeal of the speaker, but film uses pictures, pictures that for eighty years have been accompanied by sound. We know that the impact of a message is greater if it is less abstract, more visual. That makes it clear why film, with its series of continually moving images, must have a particular persuasive force.