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acquire a respected position. As more and more women faced discrimination in large firms and in corporation, more decided to strike out on their own and to be more involved in the EEOC and Affirmative Action. In conclusion, most Americans know that the deck is stacked against poor kids just as C. Darrow explains in his article. They also realize that, because of past discrimination, an extraordinary number of those facing unequal opportunities that are black. So, while 75 percent of Americans oppose racial preferences, two-thirds wish to change the policies of the EEOC and Affirmative Action rather than do away with them entirely. But the public also realized that, in real life the legacy of discrimination is not always so neat and that it will continue to go on no matter what

laws are past or how much protesting is done. Bibliography 1) A Question of Fairness Ladies Home Journal, March 1996, p 17-20. 2) Boston, Thomas. Ready, Aim, Fire Black Enterprise. March 1996, p 24. 3) Chappell, Kevin. What They Don t Tell You About 4) Affirmative Action Ebony August 1995, p 6-12. 5) Clinton s Focus on Diversity U.S. News and World Report. March 20, 1995, p. 42.