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kilometers. But this region constitutes the heartland of Wales, for centered upon the massif in the Welsh culture where the traditions and language of a Celtic people are best preserved in the upland areas. Scotland. Scotland may be divided into three major physical regions; the Highlands, the Southern Uplands and the Central Lowlands. The Scotland highlands lie west of a line from Aberdeen to the mouth of the Clyde. They form the most extensive and the most scarcely populated of the three regions, the mountains are separated into two parts by Glen More, or the Great Glen, a long crack in the earth's crust, running from north-west. To the south are the Grampians, which are generally higher than the North-West highlands, and contain loftiest summits, including Ben Nevis (1.347m)

the highest peak in the British Isles. Glen More contains three lakes: Lock Ness, Lock Oich, and Lock Lochy. Climatically the region has some of the most severe weather experienced in Britain. The Southern Uplands extend from the Central Valley of Scotland in the north to the Pennine Hills and Lake District in the South. Upland areas extend into the Central Valley, just as the Cheviots merge into the Pennines and the lowlands on both east and west coasts into the lowlands of North Umbria and those that surround the Lake District. Ф-ОБ- 001/026 The Central lowlands of Scotland, sometimes known as the Midland Valley, lie between the Highlands and the Southern Uplands. The Central lowlands are the most densely populated of the three main regions of Scotland; they occupy about 15%

of it is people. Ireland. Ireland is predominantly a rural island, with a generally low density of population and indeed few large towns other than those situated on the coast. The region’s geography of the islands is simpler than that of Great Britain, and especially than the regional geography of England. The Central Plain of Ireland stretches west-east across the country from coast to coast. Around the plain is a broken rim of mountains. In the extreme north-east is the Antrim Plateau or Mountains of Antrim. Being geographically an island and a single unit, Ireland is politically divided into the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland, comprising six countries of Ulster which was one of the provinces of ancient Ireland: Antrim, Londdnol, Tyrone, Fermangh, Armagh and Down. 3.

Climate and weather Weather is not the same as climate. The weather of the British Isles is notoriously variable. The climate of a place or region, on the other hand, represents the average weather conditions through the year. In every part of the British Isles obvious changes are taking place as winter passes into spring, spring into summer, and so through autumn to winter. Britain has a generally mild and temperate climate, which is dominated by marine influences and is rainy and equable. Britain's climate, which is much milder than that in any other country, is in the same latitudes. This means that not only marine influences to warm the land in winter and cool it in summer, but also that the winds blowing over the Atlantic have a similar effect and at the same time carry

large amounts of moisture which is deposited over the land as rain, Britain's climate is generally one of mild winters and cool summers, with rain throughout the year, although there are considerable regional changes. Rainfall is fairly well distributed throughout the year, put on average, March to June are the driest month and October to January the wettest. 5. Бақылау сұрақтары: 1. The UK area 2. Hebrides Islands 3. England 4. Wales 5. Scotland 6. Northern Ireland 6. Лекция тақырыбына сәйкес СӨЖ тапсырмалары: 7. Қажетті әдебиеттер: 1. Электрондық оқулық 2. Burlacova V.V. “The UK of GB and Northern Ireland” Ф-ОБ- 001/026 Лекция 4 1.Лекция тақырыбы: Political system

of Britain 2. Лекция жоспары: 1. A constitutional monarchy 2. Parliament 3. Government 3. Лекция мақсаты: Британияның конститутциясы және оның ерекшеліктері туралы айтып өту. 4. Лекция мазмұны: Конституциялық монархия және оның рөлі.Лордтар палатасы,оның құрылысы және құқығы. Қауым палатасы. 1. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy. Although the power of the monarch (king or queen) is limited by Parliament, political stability owes much to the monarchy, the continuity of which has been interrupted only once (the republic of 1649- 1660) in over a