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The Dorm Room Essay, Research Paper The Dorm Room Most freshmen in college expect dorms to be similar to a boxed-in room, that is always hot and that doesn?t feel like home. On the contrary, dorm rooms are what you make of them by adding your specific needs and personal decoration touches. In Valley 3, they come with the basics, like a desk and beds, but most people feel that it needs more. Although it is your new home for the school year, some things should be fixed in order to feel more comfortable. When you first walk in the door to your room, you see the closet in the entranceway (on the right or left, depending on how it is set up). It might have a curtain, it might not. If you share a room with someone, you might think it is a little smaller than you?d have expected.

So, your new fall wardrobe might have some problems fitting in with your heavy winter sweaters that you need to bear Kalamazoo?s winter. I feel that closet space should be expanded a little. With all of your clothes, roommate?s clothes, and storing all your ?what-nots?, you might run into some problems. On the opposing side, having a smaller closet makes the room space bigger, and the usage for the drawers more prevalent. It also makes the entranceway wider, rather than having to squeeze your way through. But, it all depends on if you have a lot of things and if you would be willing to sacrifice space in your room, just for your closet. With a larger closet, your black pants for Friday?s party might not be wrinkled because it was smooched near those stackable blocks that hold you

towels! As you look further into the room, a bed (or beds) is on the floor. Well, the room is small enough, can something be done? You can either leave them and say the heck with it, bunk them and create a bit more space, or loft them and discover that you actually have a floor! A loft is wood attached to the walls and ceiling to raise the bed. Personally, I believe the beds should come pre-lofted before your arrival. It is easier to start organizing and putting things away when there is more room. Especially when you put the carpeting in. Lofted beds are the way to go for a bigger looking room and more moving options for your furniture. If you don?t like the idea of climbing a ladder to get to bed after a party ends at 3am, then you might want to leave the beds down and

compensate with the space you have left, or crash on the futon! Now, on to the bathroom situation. I think everybody should have their own bathrooms. Community bathrooms I think are unsanitary and an inconvenience. For instance, you are late for class, worked out last night so you are dirty and need to take a shower. You run into your community bathroom and turn on the shower. You then realize you forgot your soap and shampoo, so you run back grab them, and return to the shower. You almost walk into the shower when you then realize you forgot your shower shoes and robe. You have to run back to your room, grab your things and resume to the bathroom. Now, you might as well not even go to the class! In personal bathrooms, everything is either in the shower or in the bathroom. No

need for running in and out of your room to grab anything. It minimizes the risk of being late for a class because you can just jump in, shower, dry up, go next door, throw on clothes and leave. Really, the only thing you have to do to keep your bathroom clean is to maintain it. Share and split the duties with your suite and roommates and you will have no problem. It is as simple as that! As you take a closer look into your dorm room, you see a cable hook up, phone jack and an Internet hook up. I think that ether-net cards should be mandatory for all computers. Ether-net is a landline connection through a wide spread of computers. It increases the speed and makes surfing the web an easy task. The university can add the price for the card in the tuition and when the bill comes