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The Doors: A Detailed Analysis Essay, Research Paper Throughout the ages music has been a method for people to express emotions, convey ideas, tell stories, and say what is on their mind. In the process of its development there have been many different types of music that have formed. They range as widely as classical symphonies to modern day hip-hop rap. Countless musicians and bands have left a long lasting impression on society, and many have become such legends that even generations after their performances, people still appreciate their works. One such group that many refer to as the greatest rock and roll band of all time , has done just that and much more. The band known as The Doors took rock and roll music to the edge, reflected the society of its time, and

influenced many of its listeners. James Douglas Morrison was born on December 8th, 1943 (Kristofferson). He grew up in a military family in the southern United States, and his family moved often from naval base to naval base (Kristofferson). His peers knew him as a thoughtful, shy, and intelligent person, hardly very outgoing. During high school Jim developed a strong love for literature, poetry, and alcohol, and he kept these loves with him throughout his life. After high school he enrolled at Florida State University, but he soon transferred to the UCLA film school in 1964 (Kristofferson). It was here that Jim met Ray Manzerick, a musician and friend to be. Together Jim and Ray began experimenting with poetry and music, and they soon put together a band that eventually gained

them superstar status. The new band consisted of Jim, Ray, Ray s friend John Densmore, and Robbie Krieger who joined them a little later. Jim got the name for the band, The Doors , from a quote by William Blake about The Doors of Perception (The Doors). English author Aldous Huxley was sufficiently inspired by Blake s quote to title his book on mescaline experiences The Doors of Perception. The quote by Blake which stated, If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite was interpreted as a reference to psychedelic drugs such as LSD, peyote, and mescaline (Huxley 15). It was believed that through the taking of LSD or mescaline, the user would be able to perceive things more accurately and have a greater appreciation and understanding of

his or her surroundings (Huxley 20). Morrison was so connected to both the works of Blake and Huxley s book, that he proposed the band name The Doors to the others. Everyone agreed that the name, as well as the inspiration from which it sprang, was perfect to express who they were and clearly represent what they stood for (Box Set 46). It was also during the 60 s that people were beginning to use and experiment with such drugs, and as a result The Doors name alone reflected this aspect of their society. Ray Manzerek, a classically trained pianist, was raised in Chicago with a deep love for the blues. He wrote the themes for many of the songs and played not only the keyboard parts, but simultaneously used his other hand to make the bass lines (Box set 45). John Densmore, a jazz

drummer with a keen ability for rhythm and timing, acted as the band’s heart. Robby Krieger, was an unbelievably talented guitarist that could play anything from flamenco to bottle-neck guitar, and he could also write songs when needed. With Jim as the lead vocalist, Ray on the keyboard, John on the drums, and Robbie with the guitar, the band had begun their career in Venice Beach (Kristofferson). Even though they faced very little success at first, Ray was sure that with Jim s poetry and lyrical talents they were sure to excel. By 1966 things were looking better for The Doors. They were playing at a local bar called the Whiskey a Go-Go , and they soon became its official house band (Kristofferson). It was here that they opened for many famous band of the time such as the