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smarter than before. I ran up the steps. I was hardly breathing. After catching two good breaths I turned around only to see the face of my mother who looked as if she could use a glass of water. She had sweat popping out from everywhere. She quickly grabbed me and began to ask me why I had run off so far. I tried explaining to her that those giants she wanted me to take pictures with didn?t seem friendly to me at all. They had big ears, big noses, and feet the size of … of…, well they had the biggest feet I?d ever seen. She explained that they were harmless and that I had nothing to be afraid of. I wanted to believe her, but I couldn?t. I simply asked that we cut our day short and go back to the hotel. She complied if for no other reason than she was pretty tired herself.

The rest of my family quickly gathered around me with looks of aggravation as if I was the cause of their entire day being ruined. I didn?t care. I knew I was getting ready to leave the place that brought much turmoil to my life. I was preparing to leave the place that many referred to as the greatest place on earth. I was leaving Disney World, a place where memories are made, nightmares emerge, and dreams turn to disaster.