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somehow be opened outside of the cell, possible by lysis caused by the growing bodies within it. In both cases there is no preferential release of elementary bodies and reticulate bodies and intermediate bodies are also released at the same time. At this point the elementary bodies continue the cycle anew by infecting new host cells. All of these pathogens infect epithelial cells specific to the infection location. Rickettsiae and chlamydiae begin in the cell phagosome and both have mechanisms for evading host defense mechanisms. The chlamydiae-host interactions discussed in this paper are elaborate. This paper did not even begin to cover all the details of the events that take place. Further studies of this interaction should lead to more interesting and unexpected events. It is

interesting how different organisms and non-organisms (viruses) share unusual traits of the host-parasite interactions. One might think that these traits would be unique to the one organism because of their complexity but as seen here they are not. References Cited: (1) Holt et al. Bergey?s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology. Baltimore: Williams and Williams, 1994. (2) Madigan, Michael et al. Brock Biology of Microorganisms. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall. 1997. (3) Moulder, James W. Rickettsia species (as organisms). 1990. Annual Review Microbiology. 44:131-153. (4) Winkler, Herbert H. Interaction of Chlamydiae and Host Cells In Vitro. 1991. Microbiological Reviews. 55:143-190.