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help here 5. Alleviation of chest pain and aid in respiration – use chest physio, oxygen treatments and respiratoy therapy? – teach effective breathing techniques and postural drainage to keep airways open 6.Prevention of reoccurrence – preventive therapy that includes education on proper diet Joan was referred to see a Physical Therapist, Respiratory Therapist and Social Worker. Her goals where to decrease her discomfort, education to adapt her lifestyle and in different body positions that will promote easier breathing. The Social Worker was also there to encourage her to join a support group to help her cope with the restraints from her disease. Every year millions of people throughout the world are affected by the pneumonia and tuberculosis disease. These two

respiratory infections have similarities and differences. These similarities stem from the fact that both diseases attack a persons lungs causing inflammation and consolidation. In fact tuberculosis is a chronic infection that can affect the lungs and cause pneumonia. Since both infections cause consolidation indicators like coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath are found in pneumonia and tuberculosis. The problem with these similarities, as was seen in Joan’s case, is that it can be easily misdiagnosed when the proper tests are not used. The differences in the two infections are mainly just in their etiologies. For pneumonia there are over 30 different causes but the four main categories are bacterial, viral, mycoplasma and fungal while tuberculosis is only caused by a

bacteria called Tubercle bacillus. Fortunately pneumonia and tuberculosis can be kept under control with the use of antibiotics and the earlier that the infection is caught the better chance of a prompt recovery. References American Lung Association. (1996). Pneumonia [Online]. Available URL: American Lung Association. (1996) Tuberculosis [Online]. Available URL: Cook, Allan R., & Dresser, Peter D. (Ed.). (1995). Respiratory diseases and disorders sourcebook (6). Detroit: Omnigraphics Inc. Galantino, Mary Lou., & Bishop, Kathy Lee. (1994, February). The new TB. PT Magazine. P. 53-61 MedicineNet. (1997). Diseases & treatments: pneumonia [Online]. Available

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