The Difference Between Right And Wrong Essay

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The Difference Between Right And Wrong Essay, Research Paper Most of us today have a system of ethical and religious beliefs. These beliefs can be altered or changed depending on the influences that we are presented with. The way that we view right from wrong has to do with these influences. These issues surround us on a daily basis. Our personal choices may seem to be unconscious or unchanging, but why then do we always choose the same answer. These systems of beliefs can be transmitted to us in many ways and many of our choices can cause us to test our ethical assumptions and values. For example, if you believed in non-violent acts, what would you do if someone threatened your loved ones? Personal ability to resolve these problems depends on your amount of knowledge, the

experiences you have had and on how well formulated your system of beliefs are. The influences that cause us to make these decisions are family, religion and our culture. First of all our families can contribute the knowledge that they have to help us decide what is right and what is wrong. We look to our parents on a daily basis as role models. They have been there since we were born and we have not had too many other adult influences. The essay by Robert Coles, entitled, ?I Listen to MY Parents and Wonder what They Believe,? he talks about how children are taught from a young age to honor their parents. ?But you should honor your father and mother most of all; that is why you should find out what they believe and sort of copy them.? (Pg. 338) The Sunday school teacher who said

this is telling the children to believe in the same things that their parents do. By doing this, she is instilling the parents? beliefs in the children. ?The girl [a child] understood how boys and girls all over the world ?sort of? develop attitudes of what is right and what is wrong.? (Pg. 338) The children begin to understand right form wrong because of their parents? actions. Parents also mold their children and give them certain moral standards to live by. Many of these moral values stay with the children into their adult years. ?In many homes parents establish moral assumptions, mandates and priorities.? (Pg. 339) Do?s and don?ts have been pressed onto children for years. Rights and wrongs are usually handed down rules that parents have accepted and believe through the same

process. Our parents teach us what to believe and what not to believe and why. They may use many different ?props? like the bible, American History and personal memories in an effort to teach us how to believe. They also teach us what and who to respect and for what reasons. Coles believes that ?children long for words of moral advice, instruction and warning?? (Pg. 339) He tells us how he believes that children need help to decide between right and wrong. Secondly, our personal religious views and beliefs can make a difference in choosing right from wrong. Religion and politics is a main issue that is debated in the world of rights and wrongs. In the essay, ?The Culture of Disbelief? by Steven L. Carter he states, ?Contemporary American politics face few greater dilemmas than

deciding how to deal with the resurgence of religious belief.? (Pg. 373) He is showing us how we do not really want to deal with the issue of religion because it is so complex. When religion appears it makes it harder to choose right from wrong. This is one of the biggest problems out there today. Many people tie in their personal beliefs when making a choice having to do with politics. This is such an important issue because most Americans today cherish religion. ??Which is why we justly celebrate a strong tradition against state interference with private religious choice.? (Pg. 373) Religion makes people choose a certain political leader because of their religious beliefs. This is when there is a fine line between right and wrong and where it becomes an important choice.