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the Bergen Belsen concentration camp shortly before her death. This book achieves much of it?s greatness through the specific details it brings out. In my opinion she re-wrote her diary with posterity in her mind. The literary work follows with the family?s destruction. The diary is seen as dreadful. The work?s most forceful source was the testament of the power of understandment.-Stephen Holden, review. This critic was trying to give a lot of recognition to this piece of work. He tries to talk about the saddest points in the book in order to show how great he thinks the diary is. He tries to talk about Anne Frank?s family more than Anne herself to create a sense of diversity in the diary. He tries to exaggerate the sad moments in Anne Frank?s life and her family in order to make

his point across on how horrible the Holocaust era really was. This literary work, The Diary of Anne Frank, was criticized worldwide by many different individuals. One would expect this book to be widely criticized for the fact that it dealt with the most gruesome and horrible era in the history of the world, the Holocaust, and for the fact that it helps us journey through this painful experience through the eyes of a young adolescent Jewish girl. Many love this book for it?s great purpose, but at the same time feel that not all of it is told. For whatever reason they may think, they feel that a lot of the diary was forgotten and will probably ever be told. Perhaps these missing links will never be distributed for the simple fact that maybe the facts were in the original copy of

the diary and not the rewritten version that Anne Frank created very shortly before her death. Also, her father was the one that found her diary. Many believe that he might have edited the diary too. Many believe that because of the rewritten version, the missing pieces of the diary are relevant and crucial which we will probably never get to encounter.