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constraints, the lack of international standards and the lack of popular user application have been removed thanks to the Internet. By pooling their resources, mobile operators and Internet service providers will be able to create and deliver innovative, Value Added Services with broad user appeal e.g. through the combination of mobile messaging and Internet services. Business applications such as remote access to corporate networks are likely to be the main drivers for wireless Internet access. However, experience from the fixed network shows that private users will adopt such applications too. It is argued that in the future, networks and mobile phones will evolve in parallel, to provide services that are increasingly personalised to users’ needs. This will happen as a result

of increasing intelligence within the networks, but also as a result of increasing competition in the market for services. Service provider companies will be the drivers of this new market, which will progress through their ingenuity in devising services, not just mobile telephony, but data-oriented and entertainment services too. Is this true? Only time will tell.