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vessels in which to carry their merchandise with ease of travel. The need for food was greater than ever, and both obsolete knowledge and skills of numerous alternate communities and environmental factors were cause for raid and plunder. Some communities chose to steal food and other precious items from villages because they did not have the technology, land, number of workers to do so for themselves. Sometimes famine played a role in the robbery of these established villages, but those cases were few. As villages grew, and began to acquire more and more tradable valuables, the number of raids began to increase. It was usually a case of being able to get out of work for leisure, the old Grasshopper and the Ant fable. Men would steal what they didn?t want to work for.

Unfortunately, these raiders were most often people with lesser intelligence and greater strength. Thus, the villagers began to take up arms. This was the beginning of warfare. Civilization, in its bare simplistic function is the ability to yield a means of survival and protection for those included in its confines. It is a sense of belonging and working for one?s own group, whether it be large or small. This has nothing to do with the ability to write, hold political office, keep a god, keeping written history, or even to have a permanent home. Although mental capacity is advantageous, it has next to nothing to do with civilization in its base form. The only brainpower that matters in civilization is the ability to think rationally. The smaller mental capability of the Homo

habilis still held those prehistoric people together. It supplied them with a sense of community and responsibility toward it. We still don?t always think rationally, and yet we are a civilization. Calder, Ritchie. After The Seventh Day: The World Man Created. New York: Mentor, 1961. Lerner, Robert E., Edward McNall-Burns, and Standish Meacham. Western Civilizations. 11th Ed. vol.1.New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc, 1988. Spielvogel, Jackson J., Western Civilization. 3rd Ed. St. Paul: West Publishing Company, 1997.