The Degrading Of Television Due To It

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The Degrading Of Television Due To It’s Violent Co Essay, Research Paper For the last few decades we can all admit that Television has been used as a source of mass medium exposure to the public masses. Television has been used negatively from false advertising to unfair politics campaigning and from the spread of pornography to the acceptance . . . of violence. Since Television became one of the most sophisticated means of influencing the masses in this century, the need of “Governmental Censure” came into practice.Unfortunately, Governmental Censure Bureaus can not meet the proper Censure needs on all spectrums of education and political affiliations of all age groups in our society. This gap allows much improper material to be broadcast on air to our young viewers

consequently influencing their formation. Recently, TV news broadcasts covering the War in Yugoslavia have taken journalism to new lows. Some TV networks have resorted to cheap sensationalist tactics with breaking headline news at any given time of the day exposing mutilated and cremated bodies. Television is getting less and less educational and more violent for the young kids. And society wonders why we have “thugs” at such a young age??? TV has been blamed for lowering SAT scores, decreasing children’s reading ability, lowering their nutritional levels, and reducing their intellectual curiosity. Television also has been blamed and held responsible for destoring family values, emphasizing sex, violence, and materialism. Television has conditioned kids to believe that, if

they have parents who live in the right house, buy the most expensive cars , and stock their closets with brand-name clothing, all their problems will be solved. When improperly utilized, television can have many ill effects. When used properly to enhance learning in the classroom, TV can bring many advantages to the educational environment. Before using TV as a instructional tool in the classroom , the teacher first should initiate lessons about the medium. The topics covered should include violence, how real TV families are, and commercials Teachers should take the time to let students know that the primary purpose of television is not to educate , but to make money for the networks and advertisers. TV has proven to be the best way to sell a product. Teachers should out the use

of special effects and how advertisers use different strategies in a effort to promote their goods. The problem with television it’s not how is utilized in the school, but how it is used at home. Schools have guidelines as to what can and can’t be shown ; many homes do not. Therefore a lot of people ask the question “Should we turn of the TV? One must understand that TV is showbiznis and showbiznis is all about money! On some of the most important studies concluded on ‘TV Media Influence, experts have proven the effects of TV violence on a child’s behavior, emotions and fears. These same experts have also developed practical tips on how to lessen the powerful influence of TV. These significant tips by all means should be available to parents, teachers, the whole

community. Such tips includes; parents should be aware of the TV-shows their kids enjoy watching, switch TV on when there is something specifically worth watching and most importantly watching TV with your kids while clarifying to them about advertising and the influence media has.