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I grabbed some more weeds and other greens to feed him. I tried to walk away after about fifteen minutes of feeding him, but he would follow me wherever I would go. He didn?t want me to go and if he had to he would follow me everywhere. He even followed me onto the lookout site. I called him and snapped my fingers to try to get his attention so I could get him off of it. As he walked behind me I would pull and bend the branches of trees he couldn?t reach down, so he could eat the leaves off of them. As the leaves gradually started to be scarce, I saw this lady back in the depth of the woods with four original deer and one albino deer around her. I walked up to her. She had about three buckets filled with corn. She said she fed the deer everyday through all of the season, whether

it was very hot or extremely cold. The lady gave me a bucket to feed the one that had been following me. I knelt on the grass and he sat next to me while I hand fed him for about another hour. As much as I wanted to stay there with him forever, I knew I couldn?t. I don?t really know why the deer acted this way towards me. I must have made him feel very secure and content with me. Some people think I have an aura about me that somehow attracts animals to love and trust me so much. Animals make me feel so good about myself. They always seem to make me feel good about myself. I feel they actually know I am on this earth for someone or some reason. My dream was to be a veterinarian for large animals such as this. Until about four months ago I worked in a veterinary hospital to get

field experience. While I was working there I had a major allergy attack and was in the hospital. They said there is really no way I could ever be a veterinarian and be happy. If I did decide to be a veterinarian, I would either be miserable, or be on medication all of the time. I now try to find a way to be around animals without being a vet. Such as I go to Presque Isle just to visit the deer and other little creatures out there. 318