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made her happy. She was rich with her inheritance from the family estate, but was sad. The money that she had didn’t fill the void left from the death of her young husband, Allan. She also was depressed that she had to take care of her dying family at Belle-Reve. These things made her dejected, and the money that she had didn’t allow her to forget her the losses that she had endured. Tom was a millionaire, but the all the money that he has didn’t satisfy or please him. Daisy married him solely because of his wealth. She did love him, but she was a Southern Belle who married into money. The ultimate example of money not bringing happiness is the Great Gatsby himself. He and Daisy were young loves, but he knew that she wouldn’t marry him because he wasn’t rich. He came

from a poor farming family, and so he worked his whole life to get money in order to win Daisy’s heart. Once he finally made enough money to buy material items, Daisy didn’t want him. His house and his fancy car didn’t please him, because he wasn’t superficial, like the East Eggers. All the crown’s jewels wouldn’t please Gatsby, because he couldn’t have the one thing he couldn’t buy; true love. Consequently, the characters of both works show that money doesn’t mean happiness. The ones who didn’t have money were happy, and the ones with money were unhappy. This proves that the American Dream has deteriorated from its ideals, where it was based on the fact that money would bring happiness. Thus, it has been proven that the American Dream is in decline, with

reference to Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Its old ideals, represented by the Old South and the West, were that everyone had an equal opportunity, and any American could succeed. Through hard work, the money they earned would make them happy. This contrasts sharply to the societies of the New South and the East, where none of these ideas apply. The American Dream presents the struggle to succeed and the search for happiness as a measure of material things. This doesn’t apply to the modern pursuit, where the one thing that brings happiness is not money, but love. A “Universal Dream” should recognize that hard work brings love, which would hold true in a society that isn’t based upon superficial items. That

would be a dream that any person would be proud to pursue.