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American Dream says that everyone in America has the same likelihood to succeed in life. Any American is capable of getting rich, no matter where they are from, as long as they work hard. This doesn’t apply to either of these works, and it will be proved that there isn’t an equal opportunity in the new American societies to succeed. This is because the people who already have the money are the ones who get the opportunities. This characteristic is apparent in the aristocratic characters of both pieces. Tom Buchanan and Blanche DuBois were both born into money, which definitely puts them ahead of every other American, with regards to the chance of succeeding. Since they were born wealthy, they are automatically ahead of everyone else economically. They simply have to work to

secure their wealth, not to achieve it like everyone else. There is also an unequal opportunity because of talents. Certain people are born with a natural talent that can enable them to make more money faster than others. Tom also represents a talent, and because of his “cruel body” he was able to play football. Because of his wealth, he was able to pursue a football career in college. Other people may have been better players, but he had the talent and the money to make money. His football career didn’t make him nearly as much as his inheritance, but it put him ahead of others. A natural athletic talent allows one to be more successful than another with no talent. Whereas Tom and Blanche represent being ahead of others in terms of opportunity, George Wilson is a character

that is behind the others with respect to opportunity. He worked hard, but because he is of the “lower class,” he had less of a chance of succeeding. The rich people were the ones who seem to get all sorts of chances to get more money, whereas George was left behind to fill their gas tanks. It is unfair that the people who don’t succeed are the ones who really deserve to. Stella Kowalski is also representative of an unequal opportunity to succeed. She was basically stuck living with Stanley. She didn’t disapprove of her life, because she had accepted that she’ll never have a chance of being successful. Being a mother was the only thing that she knew how to do. Lastly, Stanley also suffered because of his lack of opportunity. He was a hard-working man, but because of his

bad temper, he couldn’t be successful. He didn’t have the drive to succeed in business, which left him with a labouring job, and his small apartment. Therefore, it is obvious that the American Dream has declined from its ideals, because there is no longer an equal opportunity to be successful in either works. Lastly, both The Great Gatsby and A Streetcar Named Desire exhibit the American Dream in decline. This dream states that after hard work, one will become rich. The suggestion is that the dream is based upon the satisfaction of having money. This is not the case in the two works studied, where money is not the measure of happiness, and the ones with money are never satisfied with themselves. This statement is evident in the character of Stella Kowalski. When her sister

told her that she could have saved her from her situation, Stella didn’t want to leave. She really didn’t mind her life, in fact, she may have enjoyed her life. They may have struggled to put money together, but she really loved Stanley. When Blanche told Stella that Stanley had raped her, Stella sided with her husband. She didn’t believe her sister. She is happy with her life, and doesn’t think that she could improve upon it. She said: “I’m not in anything I want to get out of.” This quote shows how she had never wanted to get away from her lower-class family. This is because she realized that money isn’t the most important thing in life. She would rather raise her child with the husband that she loved, than to leave and supposedly make a fortune with Shep

Huntleigh. Stanley Kowalski also represents the idea that money not meaning happiness. He worked hard at his job, but never struck it rich. He made enough to support his family, but he wasn’t depressed that he wasn’t rich. He was happy with his lifestyle, and didn’t want Blanche ruining his life, by changing Stella. Whereas Stella and Stanley represent happy people without money, Tom, Blanche and Gatsby are unsatisfied with money. Tom’s money brought him love in Daisy, but she didn’t satisfy him. He needed something else to please him, and looked to Myrtle Wilson. She was his mistress, and their affair wasn’t based on love at all. Tom just uses her for sexual purposes only. This shows that Tom’s money doesn’t bring him happiness either. Blanche’s money never