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scientific manner of the essay does not allow for pathos to take a place in the writing. A further effort of the author would be to use a personal experience involving himself or another family. The personal tragedies people encounter are very effective when attempting to make others realize their point. If one takes a story of individual loss and ties it into their writing, then they begin to appeal to their emotions while also using evidence to reinforce it. Popenoe s writing, though, does not allow a story to take place because of its precise structure and constant listing of facts. Although the lack of ethos does not completely damage his paper, he could use a sentimental appeal more efficiently. David Popenoe s The Decline of Fatherhood effectively conveys the disturbing

facts behind the absence of fathers in the household. Logical and ethical appeals contribute vastly to the understanding and comprehension of this writing especially since it contains scientific information and data. The logos and ethos presented were well thought out and utilized in an efficeint manner to relay facts and theories pertinent to the subject discussed. However, in spite of its methodical tone, the essay does not allow for any emotional appeal. Because of David Popenoe s sufficient use of writing techniques, he was able to produce a highly credible essay.