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her sisters who would do anything to get what they want. After he does this, he continues to badger and ridicule her for her lack of affection and love for him. he does this to anyone who does not put him on the pedestal that he feels that he rightfully deserves to be on. Cordelia is finally courted by the King of France even though she is “rich for being poor.” She is the only true person in the play, and in the end pays for this by dying. This shows that you cannot always be truthful and get what you rightfully deserve. Cordelia deserved her dowry but does not get it because she is not the type of person that the king wants her to be. The ones that prevail in the first act of the play are those that are dishonest and false. This helps set the stage for the rest of the play.

The next deceitful person in the play is Edmund. He is the bastard-son of Gloucester and wants everything that Edgar has. In the beginning of Act 2 he draws his sword on Edgar and tells him to pretend like he is protecting himself because he hears Gloucester coming. Edmund says: “I hear my father coming; pardon me; In cunning I must draw my sword upon you; Draw; seem to defend yourself; now quit you well. Yield; come before my father. Light, ho! here! Fly, brother. Torches! torches! So, farewell.” II.i.28-32 Edmund tells Gloucester that he was attacked by Edgar and that he even drew blood from Edmund. The motive behind this is also greed and envy. Edmund is envious of the fact that he will not inherit any title from Gloucester because he is a bastard and not the biological

and rightful son that Edgar is. Edmund goes on to say: “With his prepared sword he charges home My unprovided body, lanch’d mine arm: And when he saw my best alarum’d spirits Bold in the quarrel’s right, roused to th’ encounter, Or whether gasted by the noise I made, Full suddenly he fled.” II.i.50-54 He incriminates Edgar for attacking him and gets Gloucester to sympathize with him and send out a warrant for Edmund and the death to anyone who helps to hide him. Edmund is just as bad as Goneril and Regan by what he does and does not win in the end. Gloucester is so taken with the events that have just occurred that he plans to give all of the land that he has to Edmund now because Edgar is no longer considered to be his son. Edmund has the same plan as Regan and

Goneril had and has done a good job so far as playing the victim instead of the victimizer. Throughout all of King Lear, the children plan to overthrow and get rid of their parents. Their motive for doing this is sheer greed and lack of feeling. In the end, Lear is saved from his insanity because Cordelia, the one that Lear liked most, comes back to take care of him. She was the one thing that really filled Lear because of her honesty and he did not realize this until she was gone and none of his other daughters would take him in. They just left him to rot. The real tragedy is that poor Cordelia is hung in the end and suffers the greatest lost. She is killed for being true and sincere. A similar thing happens with Edgar. He comes back disguised as a madman in order to prevent his

father from harm and warns him of the evil plans that Edmund has in store for him. I think that King Lear was a great play and showed the reader that although you are a false person you can fool people who are blind and think that you are incapable of doing harm. This was certainly the case with Goneril and Regan. They showered Lear with such great words of flattery that he reagarded them as his true daughters and left them everything because he really felt that they deserved it. He did not leave Cordelia anything because she did not flatter him like the others and therefore felt that she did not love him at all. In truth, she loved him more than her other sisters because she really did feel the “bond” that they had as father and daughter.