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courage to watch what is done to these criminals upon termination of their lives. Is the death penalty worth having if even one innocent person might be mistakenly killed? Many do not think so. Those citizens who are against the death penalty feel this way because they believe it is inhumane and morally wrong. These “moral people,” in some cases turn to violence. For example, a Florida man who happens to be Christian and against page 4 both abortion and execution, took justice “into his own hands.” An abortion doctor was on his way to work, when this Christian man shot and killed him for carrying out abortions. Although he may not agree with the doctor’s choice of occupation, he figured that since the government actively executes convicted murderers, what would the

difference be if he killed a man he thought to be a murderer? The irony in this situation was that he killed a man who in all actuality kills babies. Do two wrongs make a right? (Gelernter 21-24). The death penalty is carried out on many convicted murderers, resulting in substantial amounts of executions. People read and hear about executions in the newspaper, magazines, and televised newscasts. But the public is desensitized by the use and meaning of the death penalty. Should people be put to death for committing crimes? Whose decision is it to end a human life? If the government was more harsh with it’s laws then maybe there would not be as much violence and crime today. After all, it has been proven that the death penalty is an effective deterrent against crime. In the 1970s

when executions were made public, crime rates went down. If making executions public results crime going down, thus making society a safer place for everyone, then they should all be made public. If something can be done about it, people should not have to suffer or worry about walking out of his or her home wondering if they are going to come back alive. An example would be to say that mom has made brownies for dessert after dinner. They have been sitting on the kitchen table since 2 o’clock this afternoon. page 5 They smell great and are rather hard to resist. The brownies are placed on the counter to where if anyone took one, it would be possible that mom might not even have a clue that one was missing because they have already been cut up and placed on a dish. If someone

were to take one of mom’s brownies and she found out, then being rejected of the brownies after dinner would punish that person. Then again, if mom were just to yell, and give you a slap on the hand and still offer brownies after dinner, then why not risk it? Killing and crimes may be a lot more dramatic, but in terms of punishment, the two can be looked at similarly. When Rhode Island abolished the death penalty over a century ago, only to reintroduce it for homicide, the complete abolition of capital punishment has had a steady opposition expressed by those who believe that police and prison guards need the special protection the death penalty provides. Perhaps even more than that, they need the visible proof that society stands behind them in the war on crime and will not

hesitate to provide the fullest possible protection for these defenders of law and order. (Redau 35). Should the mentally ill also be executed? If mentally ill people are going to be on the streets and become a threat to society then they should be put to death. There is no reason to lock them up like animals for years and years. If they were mentally ill, then locking them would not do any good if they do not have an idea about what wrong they have done. If they are mentally ill then they do not know any better, and can not control their actions and therefore are a threat to society. Executing the page 6 mentally ill will also put a stop to people trying to say that they are mentally ill in order of getting out of having to go to jail or prison. Age should not be an issue. I

understand that some people do not have a good family background. Their parents have made wrong decisions themselves and it has reflected on them as a person. Parents are role models and no one has the chance to choose what type of family or environment they want to be born into. When it comes to a serious crime of murder everyone knows it is wrong. No matter how old someone is, they know it is wrong to kill or commit a serious crime. Anyone who commits an act of murder or any other serious crime should have to accept the consequences for their actions even if means facing the death penalty. The death penalty seems to be a very abrasive move, considering that the government is punishing the criminal, for killing someone (in most cases), by killing the criminal. This act seems