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because, The Holy Bible speaks positively against any killing of a human being whatsoever. But that is exactly what capital punishment is – a killing of a human being that is authorized by law. The statement about criminals being deterred by the presence of a death penalty is wrong also. According to statistics, the violent crime rate in New York State did not go down since the death – penalty law became effective. Another fact from statistics is that numbers of committed violent crimes in the states that do have a death penalty law and numbers of committed violent crimes in the states that do not have that law are approximately the same. Another false opinion about the death penalty is that it killing the convicted murderer actually reduces the costs. As we learn from the

Mr. Hoppe’s article, ” Executions cost Texas millions “, the cost of executing a convicted prisoner costs three times more than keeping him in the cell for 40 years. As we can see, the above opinion does not have any sense. The only true fact about the usefulness of a death penalty is the fact that many people feel that killing convicted murderers will satisfy their need for justice and / or vengeance. The only bad thing about it is : executing a criminal does not bring his victim back to life. Even though some people fell relieved when the murderer is executed, there is no way to reverse the crime(s) that he has committed. Even though almost everything and everybody speak against the capital punishment, I think that people who committed violent crimes should be punished to

the fullest extend of law, which capital punishment basically is. As well as no human being deserves to be executed, no human being deserves to have his or her life taken away by the criminal. The laws of living say: ” Sooner or later you will be responsible for everything you do in your life, whether you like it or not, and whether you regret it or not “.