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penalty because of racism and such, then we sure can’t have prisons! Don’t tell me there isn’t either of those when the jail term is decided, because the truth is, there is a lot of racism is the decision. OK, my last point is the argument that the death penalty is just too cruel to use. I’ll agree that mabey hanging and a firing squad should be abolished. But not the gas chamber, lethal injection or the chair. With the gas chamber, the person just smells a strange smell, then there out of it. The only pain in lethal injection is sticking the needle in the skin. The last one, the electric chair is the most controversial. There are stories of people surviving the first shock, in one case the man was sent back to his cell, but later he was finally killed. That may be very

shocking, but mabey you haven’t heard what some of these people did. Here’s an example… A man and a woman were sitting in there car on the bank of a river on a date. Two men approached the car and pointed a gun in. The man and women were taken, and later, deep in a forest, the male victim was beaten, tied to a tree and shot through the head, all in front of the woman’s eyes. For the next few days, the woman was tortured and raped repeatedly and was almost killed in the end. So, put yourself in those victim’s shoes, imaging the physical and mental pain of the ordeal. Now what do you think? Should the murderers receive a little bit of pain on their way out? I think it’s justifiable.