The Death Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

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The Death Of Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research Paper In all of life death has been tied in with many different topics at hand. Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare shows death in many ways, as it is tied in with love, hatred, and also foreshadowing of future events. Death is showed within the topic of love due to the fact of Romeo and Juliet s love for each other, which led to both of their deaths. Hatred brings death to many as fighting with each other causes the death of people from the houses of Capulet and Montague. At last, foreshadowing that is implied by Romeo and Juliet pictures death many times as to what will occur in the future. Love is a very important topic throughout the entire play but death is a large consequence to pay for the love Romeo

and Juliet have for each other. Since the houses of Montague and Capulet hate each other the love between Romeo and Juliet will have certain consequences, which may lead to a certain death for both of them. Juliet knows that the love she has for Romeo is nothing but troublesome and that her family is the trouble That I must love a loathed enemy (I.v.138). Showing the love she has is to be brought to a tragic end. The love between Romeo and Juliet might be strong but yet one interferes with it. Paris is to wed Juliet and his never ending love brings his death when he fights Romeo in the Capulet s vault so he can be with Juliet forever. Love might be grand but death is quite a consequence to pay for being in love with someone. The hatred between the families of Capulet and Montague

certainly brings death to many throughout the play also. A dispute is to occur between Tybalt and Mercutio in the streets of Verona in which Romeo try to stop but yet fails and death falls upon Mercutio. Due to the death of Mercutio, Romeo fights Tybalt in the sense of revenge and states that, Either thou, or I, or both, must go with him (III.i.112). Showing death is to fall on one of them and will join Mercutio. When Paris wants to be with Juliet in the Capulet s vault he sees Romeo and thinks he will do something bad to Juliet s body and means only harm. As he ponders this he decides to fight Romeo and falls dead due to the hate he had for Romeo. Hatred brings trouble to many but even worse it brings death to many also, especially those of the houses of Capulet and Montague.

Foreshadowing pictures death in many ways throughout the play and Romeo and Juliet are the main people that picture death within the future. Juliet shows that if she is to wed Romeo that My grave is like to be my wedding bed (I.v.131). This clearly shows that this wedding which may take place means certain death for Juliet. Romeo also feels that the idea of going to Capulet s party is not in his best interests and believes that for some reason this may be the beginning of the end for him. When Romeo hears of him being banished he states that he will tear out his hair And fall upon the ground, as I do now, /Taking the measure of an unmade grave (III.iii.69-70). This shows that the future event of him being banished will bring his death. The future holds the death to all but yet

foreshadowing in any sense may show whom that death might fall on over others. Death is showed in many ways throughout Romeo and Juliet, but mainly in the ways of love, which comes between Romeo and Juliet. The hatred between the houses of Capulet and Montague also portrays death. Also that in foreshadowing of future events yet to occur pictures death as something to happen within the future. In all of Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare shows death in these many ways of love, hatred, and foreshadowing. Love and hatred still till this day brings death to those that are unfortunate and hints are always given as a form of foreshadowing to who s death may occur next within society.