The Dead Poets Society Essay Research Paper

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The Dead Poets Society Essay, Research Paper The Dead Poets Society Essay “The Dead Poets Society” is about a group of boys that attend a college prep school and are in a class with a unpredictable teacher, Mr. Keating. Many of the events that take place at the school change many of the boys and how they think. Attending the college is Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, Knox Overstreet, and John Keating (there teacher). John Keating was the boys teacher that was head of the Dead Poets Society when he went to school. In the movie Dead Poets Society is a group of boys that gather together and read poetry and stories. The boys can tell that when he was in school, he was a “Hellraiser” because of his conduct in class and his strange way of teaching. An example of his teaching is

that he makes his students call him “O Captain! My Captain!”. He showed the boys the true meaning of poetry and you could not understand it using graphs and other methods told in their text books. He also taught the boys to live their lives how they really wanted to live them and not let anyone make decisions for them. Neil Perry was an outgoing guy that lives under the hand of his father. He was the one who decided to start a Dead Poets Society with his friends. Neil then decides that he will try out for a play. When he gets the part, he wants to become an actor, and he knows that his father will not approve of it. When Neil is performing in the play his father comes to see him and tells him that he will be sent to a military school if he does not shape up. Neil felt that he

had no way out and if he did not get out now, his father would control him for the rest of his life. Because of this Neil commits suicide. Even if Mr. Keating would not have come along and taught him, he would have still committed suicide because his father would not approve of anything he wanted to do with his life. Todd Anderson is a new student at the school and has very low self esteem. That is why he is so shy in class and does not speak that much. He was always the one dreading of reading in front of the class and Mr. Keating even mentioned it. He is afraid of what people will think of him before he does something which is the reason he is not like any of the other boys. During the course of the movie he becomes more brave because of the class that John Keating teaches. Mr.

Keating played a big part by helping Todd overcome his self-esteem problem. An example is when he makes Todd read his read a poem in front of the class. Todd does not want to read but Mr. Keating helps him out by covering up his face. Todd reads his poem in a very frightened way in front of the class. At the end of the movie Todd stands up on his desk and tries to help Mr. Keating from being accused of Neils suicide. Knox Overstreet is the one who likes Alexandra Powers. He first meets her at a dinner at her house. When he gets back he tells everyone about her and later on he decides to call her. When he does she invites him over to a party where he gets drunk and kissed the forehead of Alexandra. One of her boyfriends friend sees him and they all attack him leaving him with a

bloody noose. He leaves the party apologizing to Alexandra for what he has done. At the end of the movie he gets the girl. Some of the other characters that where featured in the movie where Charlie Dalton (a.k.a Nwanda), Steven Meeks, Gerard Pitts and Richard Cameron. The theme of the of this movie would have to be “Carpe Diem” (SEIZE THE DAY). This means that only in the dreams of men, we can be free. Mr. Keating expressed this through poetry and helped the boys to make their own decisions instead of letting their parents make their decisions for them. Dead Poets Society reminds us to seize each day and cherish them dearly. Every day opportunities await us and we must decide whether to take the chance or play it safe. Dead Poets Society encourages you to take the risks, for