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climactic reckoning once his character has discovered his illusions, while Kafka starts off with his character understanding his illusions subconsciously and works towards a juxtaposition of both the conscious and subconscious mind. Kafka also takes a drastically more abstract route, transforming his character from humanity to the semblance of an insect. This transformation may not even be physical, just the deranged ramblings of an insane mind. As Gregor became more and more distraught with his lack of advancement and resentment of his family, his outward appearance may have become cold and hostile and less than human, while not being quite as impossible as a transformation into an insect. Joyce, on the other hand, battles a more common subject, love. He takes a typical

situation with two typical lovers, and twists the ending from what is expected to show the barriers that exist between the understandings of men and women. Each author again challenges the reader to look into themselves and to examine their own lives to see if these illusions apply. The impossibility of true love and meaninglessness of life are constant struggles for the cynic and never given thought by the optimist. It takes a very strong person to be able to sweep the illusions of society aside and bare one’s self to the realities of life. 316