The Day The World Ended Essay Research

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The Day The World Ended Essay, Research Paper SONS AND LOVERS Relationships have, and always will contain many different levels. These levels can produce somewhat of a state of confusion in ones life, and have many different impacts. But when a change and a transformation takes place, one can reach a point of clarity and a new found direction. In the comparison of two novels, we see several relationships portrayed along these lines, and how the two main characters transform to find what is most sacred to them. Paul Morel is the main character in D.H. Lawrence s novel Sons and Lovers. The story charts his early life from when his parents married, and the subsequent birth of their four children. During this time, the three women who have the greatest impact on Paul s life are

his mother, Miriam and Clara. Each woman displays a definite influence on Paul, but all three are shown in different times of his life. This influence goes on to shape the life of Paul. In conjunction to this, the story of The French Lieutenants Woman and the main character in that story, Charles, will be compared showing similarities and differences of the relationships of women in his life. In the story Sons and Lovers from the very beginning their was a connection between Paul and his mother. It was seen that a bond was formed between the two of them, but it wasn t very strong in the beginning. The strong mother son bond was between Paul s older brother William and his mother. Paul appeared to be jealous of this, and it wasn t until William moved away that Paul s mother

noticed him. William was offered a job in London, the big city in comparison to their town. When he left, it was almost like a part of his mother had left too. She was crushed, very upset, and very unstable. It wasn t until Paul came down with an illness, and was on the boundaries of death when his mother finally really took notice in him. Paul was then nursed back to himself, and shared this same type of bond that William had shared with his mother. Mrs. Morel (the mother) lived for her children, especially William, but then Paul. As Paul grew older, his mother never suffered alone, and neither did he. He was always there for her when she needed him, she told him all her problems, and he listened as best he could, as a child and as a man. Mrs. Morel felt that her life was

unfulfilled. She knew she could not turn to her husband, who was an irritated drunk, and who showed very little interest in his family s life. She could only look to her sons for this fulfillment of life, and that she did. It became Paul s aim to provide this support for his mother that she forever needed. For a while, his mother was the only woman in his life of significance, until he met Miriam. His heart contracts with pain of love for her. Miriam is Paul s first love in the story. She is what helps to transform Paul out of his boyhood, and into his manhood. She is the daughter of a local farming family a few miles down his road. An important comparison can be drawn with Miriam very early in the story. When Paul breaks his sisters doll, he is very upset. This sadness is

derived mostly from the grief of his sister. After, he takes the doll, and smashes it, then burning the remains, sacrificing the doll. He hated the doll intensely because he had broken it. This can be seen as a metaphor for his and Miriam s relationship. He hates her because he thinks that he has broken her heart, when, in fact, as he finds out later, he really hasn t done either. Paul is displayed as everything that Miriam wants in a man, quick, light, graceful, who could be gentle, and who could be sad, who was clever and who knew a lot, and who had death in the family. Miriam puts her heart and soul into everything she does for Paul, from algebra to love. It is clear that they both can really understand one another. Sometimes she doesn t understand why she feels a certain way,