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injury. I decided to go back to the beach where I died. I thought about how I had gotten into this mess and how I would love to be home with my mother and father right now. As I kept on walking along the beach, I got bored of this too, so I decided to take a swim. Since I was a ghost, I could float on the water, but I couldn?t float in mid-air. This was actually kind-of fun. I don?t know how long I just floated there, but it must have been seven hours. Just as I was getting out of the water, I saw the sun rise up. I thought of how my second day of being a ghost would turn out. In the distance, I saw a ship sail across the blue, sparkling ocean right in front of the sun. A most beautiful sight. When you?re a ghost, you don?t have to dry off at all, so I decided to started going

back into town to try to get a ride on a car heading west-bound, to my house. I found one and hopped on. On the trip, I saw a lot of things that I wouldn?t have noticed when I was human. I guess when you?re a ghost, you pay attention to things more closely. Your hair also doesn?t move because you?re not made of matter. One doesn?t feel anything. When I got there, I found my house and decided to check on my family. They were all still asleep. I guess they had a very hard time last night with my death. I went to my old room. Everything was the same as I had left it. My clothes on the floor all wrinkled. I looked at my calendar and saw the date. It had been two and a half years since I died! I couldn?t believe it. It only felt like days! Time passes a lot more quickly when you?re a

ghost than I thought. Then, it sounded like someone was calling my name. Yes, there in the distance I heard my name. It said come home. What was that suppose to mean? I already was home! Then I knew what the voice was telling me to do. Go home. It wanted me to pass over to the other world. I understood. Then it felt like an invisible force was pulling on me. I couldn?t resist. I went with it. Now I felt more peaceful. I went out of my house and saw all the other souls who were giving in to the voice also. It kept calling me. The other souls were going up towards the sun. I said good-bye to my family and went with them.